Works cited format is American Sociological Association(ASA) -book name: Appelro

Works cited format is American Sociological Association(ASA)
-book name: Appelrouth & Edles chapter 6 “Georg Simmel” pgs. 237-252, 262-274 and Appelrouth & Edles chapter 8 “George Herbert Mead” pgs. 312-320, 329-341
In this assignment, you should engage with more analytical depth with a theorist by writing up a two page, single space brief on Simmel, Mead, Parsons, Merton, Adorno, Marcuse, or Collins (choose one). Please use the following guidelines to structure your two page brief.
In one paragraph discuss the context in which the theorist was writing. For example you could address the social, economic, or cultural conditions surrounding the theorist at the time of writing, or what is the theorist arguing against or building upon?
In the next 2-3 paragraphs discuss some points about Choose max two concepts to focus this discussion, and explain them. Content has to do with: “What is the theorist trying to say? What are the relevant concepts, main arguments, and key quotes from the passage? What can we get out of it as sociologists?”
In your final paragraph offer one critique. For example, “What are the limitations of the work? How can we improve upon the existing theory? How do the arguments compare to today’s world or other theories”?

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