Word count: 500 words each (+/- 10%, excluding tables, figures and bibliography)

Word count: 500 words each (+/- 10%, excluding tables, figures and bibliography)
Project task:
Do a strategic analysis of a coffee shop or café of your choice in your town or neighborhood. Please cover the following points in your analysis:
(1) Do an external analysis of the location and industry environment your selected company is in. How profitable is the local business environment for a coffee shop? Please explain.
(2) Do an internal analysis of your selected company’s resources and capabilities. How do they compare to some key success factors based on your knowledge of lead competitors?
Please make use of analytical models we have discussed in class. You may use meaningful tables and figures in support of your analysis. They do not count against the word limit. Please structure your answers by question, i.e. (1), (2) and (3). You may also include a very brief introduction and conclusion, but be mindful of the word limit.
To answer each question, please use observations, e.g. visits of coffee shops, and secondary sources, e.g. websites and industry reports, all of which you can find online. Please reference these sources throughout the text wherever you use them. A bibliography must be provided at the end of the report. There is no need for formal interviews. However, if you pick up useful information through informal chats (e.g. customers), feel free to use that in your report. There is no need to add/reference academic papers or books in your report.
there are total three question, but I still haven’t finish it. Therefore help editing question 1 and 2 is ok.

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