Use sub-titles in your response to identify each category prompt. As this is an

Use sub-titles in your response to identify each category prompt. As this is an extensive module, it will be worth 5 points of your grade.
As usual, don’t forget to reference/cite the readings and text in your responses (including page numbers) and to respond to at least one peer in at least two sentences.
Part I
Watch this movie (Once Were Warriors). If you are unable to watch the entire movie, then at least watch the trailer, and the PPT. Define Colonialism. What are the after affects/impacts of Colonialism on this cultural group? The mother in the film tells the father, “you’re still a slave…. Explain what she means by this, using terminology from your text. In what ways might have colonialism permanently embedded itself in his life? Think of another colonized cultural group you are familiar with, what are similarities and differences to this group?
Part II
Read “El Grito de Caguana.” This reading refers to a space, heritage and Identity contestation issue in Puerto Rico? What is the issue being contested in this reading? Who are the groups involved? What were the arguments on either side? What was the legal outcome? Do you agree or disagree with the outcome? Explain. How does this situation connect to the issue of colonialism?
Part III:
Define Globalization. Read the “Diversity Debate” and list the pros and cons of each argument (2-3 for each side). Aspects of globalization you should consider in writing your response:
internet, mass media and easy travel
external economic development that may impact the subsistance patterns and life ways of indigenous people
Cultural imperialism: how has mass media and popular culture been used to both promote and resist cultural imperialism.
Which argument do you most agree with? Explain why.

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