Topic: Security, privacy, and confidentiality as they relate to patient informat

Topic: Security, privacy, and confidentiality as they relate to patient information and data integrity
Threats to security, privacy, and confidentiality
HIPAA regulation
Practices that protect information and data
Once you have selected a topic, navigate to the Library & Resources tab in the course navigation menu and search the Galen Online Library databases for an article that relates to your topic. Make sure that you have access to the full text of your chosen article so that you can utilize this article for this discussion and work in future weeks of the course.
Once you have retrieved an interesting and substantial article related to your topic, respond to the following prompts in your initial post:
Provide an APA-formatted citation for your article.
Explain the steps you took to search for and locate your article, including keywords you used in your search.
State whether you conducted a basic search or an advanced search, and explain why you chose to do so.
Identify the database that offers your article. (Note: If you are unsure of the database, check the Detailed Record for your article).
Discuss how challenging it was to conduct your search and retrieve a full text article related to your topic. Did you encounter any difficulties or obstacles, or did you find this task relatively easy to complete? Share your experience.

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