The MNC profile applies class concepts to the MNC experiencing the crisis to pro

The MNC profile applies class concepts to the MNC experiencing the crisis to provide adequate
background for the crisis analysis. I would like each team member to have a deep understanding of its
focal MNC. The MNC profile should be no longer than 6 pages single-spaced (plus appendices and
Note that some elements of the profile build on the Shadow Company project from BUS 1000. Other
elements are similar to the BPL 5100 project.
• Identify reliable sources for corporate information such as corporate communications,
regulatory filings, analyst assessments, etc.
• Synthesize information from different sources to describe the MNDE’s strategies and to assess
corporate performance for different stakeholder groups
• Provide a foundation for Artifact 4
There may be some overlap in the responses for the corporate and international strategy. It is okay to
recognize that the company’s corporate strategy and its international strategy are (or are almost) the
same. The information does not need to be presented in this order.
Corporate Strategy
• Briefly describe your focal firm. What is the MNC’s mission?
• What are the MNC’s key strengths and weaknesses?
• What is its key success factor (core competency)? Does it exploit its core competency to its
• How has the firm performed financially in recent years? Use key accounting and financial data to
support your argument.
• What is its grand strategy (e.g. concentration, diversification, vertical integration, etc.)
• Which businesses generate substantial portions of the revenues?
• Who are its main competitors? Provide comparative data on sales and profitability.
International Strategy
• In which countries does the MNC operate?
• Which countries are the most important?
• Describe the firm’s internationalization strategy [International, Multidomestic, Global or
• Is the MNC outsourcing part of its value chain?
• Which entry mode(s) does the MNC tend to use?
• What kind of synergies exist across products and/or geographic areas? Do you think the company is
exploiting these synergies?
• Where does the firm see its future growth and expansion coming from?
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Artifact 3 is a formal business report of no longer than 6 pages single-spaced (plus appendices and
references) using Word or similar application.
Formal business reports:
• utilize headings and subheadings
• use paragraphs
• are written clearly and professionally
• avoid contractions, slang and jargon
• use appropriate fonts
• include page numbers for ease of use
• use tables and figures only when it adds to the report
Hint: Use tables and charts to present longitudinal and/or comparative data in a succinct, informative
manner. Just remember to refer to them in the text. For example: Chart 1 contains performance data
for MNC XYZ and its 3 closest competitors over the last 5 years. Note that in 2007, the year of the crisis
sales for most of the competitors declined.

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