The major project for this course is a proposal for a research project, research

The major project for this course is a proposal for a research project, research paper, or a white paper. The final assignment will be completed in stages throughout the course to submit a polished version of the propsal at the end of this course.
Continuing wiht the topic area idetified in the previous assignmnet create Stage 1 of your proposal by identifying the reseach question to be answered by the research and provide the background and relevance for the reseach, and the justification for the research.
Your statement of the reseach question should be about 250-500 words in length. Indicate the topic you would like to reseach. State the specific reseach question(s)/ problem statement and thesis statement you want to ask as part of the reseach. Then provide background behind why you chse this particular question(s) and how this relatas to your professional practice or field of study. Finally justify why this reseach question is worthy of investigation. Please include 3 citations from a professional pr academic source in the assignment.
Organize your reseach question assignment into these sections:
1. Introduction – the topic you would like to research
2. Reseach question/problem statement for your propsed research
3. Thesis statement
4. Background, relevance, and Justification
5. References
We would like to focus this proposal: Does living in a lower income commuinty with limited resources and access to healthcare increase the risk of having a premature infant. (need help with the wording)
Our groups background: Neonatal Intensvie Care Nurse, individual who works with pregnant teens, and member of our groups live in lower-income areas

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