The Individual Presentation (IP) Paper. It is a PESTLE (looking at the politica

The Individual Presentation (IP) Paper. It is a PESTLE (looking at the political, economic, sociocultural, technological, legal and environmental segments of the firm’s general environment) analysis of a company that you will choose and clear with me. It is called the IP Paper because it is associated with your Individual Presentation. This Individual Presentation that each student will have to make is the way we start our classes. Each of you will make a verbal presentation of approximately 10 minutes presenting some of the contents of the 5 page PESTLE analysis paper of the company you choose. You will choose a primary article from a reputable source and bring that article up on the screen as you make your verbal presentation. You will scroll through the article and discuss the highlights of the article and offer your own insights. In addition, you will need to ask at least three questions of the class related to the company during your presentation. The 3 (or more) questions do not have to be at the end of your presentation. The Individual Presentation is worth 50 points.
You have to write a 5 page IP paper. You will need to find a minimum of 2 additional articles in addition to the article you choose to call up on the computer during your IP. The text will be the fourth source for your bibliography on the IP paper.It is essential that you cite correctly in the body of the paper and include a short bibliography of the articles cited.

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