The following is a discussion post assignment from a Professional Writting Class

The following is a discussion post assignment from a Professional Writting Class.
Find someone in the field you wish to enter who you think of as a thought leader and brainstorm the following:
1. What makes this individual a thought leader? Why is this person innovative and inspirational?
2. What kind of events does this individual participate in? Name at least one conference, publication, or website that demonstrates their thought leadership.
3. What do others in the field say about this individual, and why is what they are saying important?
4. Find one group/society/club in the field that you would like to join and detail the following: what you need to do to join, what kind of activities/events/publications the group participates in, and what kind of networking benefits you foresee from joining.
I would encourage you to be creative and think beyond people you know personally. You can research “thought leaders in ____ field” and should be able to find a number of interesting people.
I would like the post to be written about American neuroscientist and tenured professor in the Department of Neurobiology at the Stanford University School of Medicine, Andrew Huberman.
Andrew Huberman has videos on Youtube where he spreads informaton about neurobiology and ophthalmology. Below you will find links to two of his videos and the About page on his website, and the Wikipedia page about him.

About Andrew Huberman

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