The essay should be double-spaced, 900 words in length, contain citations (MLA o

The essay should be double-spaced, 900 words in length, contain citations (MLA or Chicago/Turabian format), and engage the readings as well as lecture material. The use of outside material is not encouraged.  For citation format instructions, you can reference the Purdue OWL website.
Identify the significance of the Haitian Revolution
Explain the revolutionary and the universal emancipation traditions of Black Internationalism. 
Give a brief overview of the film Queimada/Burn.  Then identify how Burn represents the importance of the Revolutionary Tradition. 
What are the similarities between the characters Jose Dolores and leaders such as Toussaint LOuveture and Jean Jacques Dessaline?
What is the importance of the following quotes by Jose Dolores.  What does José Dolores mean by this?  How does this relate to our understanding of the Creation of the Negro?:
“If what we have here is civilization… civilization of white men, then we are better off uncivilized, because, it is better to know where to go and not know how, then it is to know how to go and not know where.”
“If a man gives you freedom it is not freedom.  Freedom is something you alone must take…You will understand one day because you have already started to think about it.”
How might the quote William Walker makes about the legend of Jose Dolores swirling the Caribbean relate to the continued importance of the Haitian Revolution?
Files to incorporate in essay:
– Omali Yeshitela, “Jesus Was A Revolutionary” p. 257
– Robin Kelley, “Dreams of a New Land”
– Sylvia Frey, “The American Revolution and the Creation of a Global African World”
– West and Martin, “Haiti I’m Sorry” in FTT

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