Students will write a project paper and create either a power point or a video t

Students will write a project paper and create either a power point or a video to accompany the paper.
Written Paper
Students will assume the role of a skilled instructor to develop a training process for others to learn your chosen skill or task. Students will select a final subject (skill or task) and write a detailed paper explaining the how the training should be completed. In this portion of the project, you should have the mindset this paper will be given to other trainers to be used during the training.
Paper Guidelines
Scope of the Project including
Overall Goal of the Training
Audience (Who would be the actual trainees if in a business setting?)
Length of the course (10 – 15 minutes so pick a subject appropriately) in terms of what you will teach plus include information if you envision it as part of a larger training program.
Delivery Methods
Content (What the training will cover)
Methods for Training (Include basic and detailed methods)
Special Needs/Problems (Any anticipated issue or situation that needs attention)
Training Objectives
List and explain in sufficient detail to make them valuable
Consider where your presentation will be made and what items such as a computer, projection system, DVD player, etc. will be needed. This obviously will be based on the methods and location of your training exercise.
Topical Outline
A summary of the training exercise that can be used to briefly explain what will be entailed when someone takes your training.
Administration of the Training
List out all known factors that must be considered to help ensure that your training works best with your audience/trainees. Things like lights, sound, comfort, etc.
Evaluation Methods
How will you determine if the knowledge you provide is learned by your audience/trainees?
PowerPoint or Video (100 points)
Now that you have detailed out how to train on this subject, it is time to put it into action. Students must create a PowerPoint or video presentation to teach employees this new skill. Your presentation should follow all details specified in your written portion. Training should be thorough and created so the learner will have a complete understand and confidence to complete the task. Your presentation should include the use of visual aids. If you choose to create a PowerPoint, you can use a maximum of 1 video from an outside source, but the video cannot exceed 2 minutes.
Training and Development class

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