Students will prepare a set of career development interventions for use at an el

Students will prepare a set of career development interventions for use at an elementary, middle, or high school, college, or mental health setting (choose one level). Together, these interventions will form an online portfolio using the EPORTFOLIO IN CANVAS. The portfolio should be organized in the following format: 1.Introduction 2.Websites 3.Guidance or Programming Lesson Plan 4.Group Counseling Lesson Plans (six sessions) 5.References In the introduction, students should include the pertinent developmental career issues and needs, overall career development goals/objectives, and general strategies for their population. This introduction should also describe the pertinent cultural factors affecting the specific audience for whom the interventions are intended. The websites should focus on the chosen client population, and at least one website should include Interest Inventories or Ability/Skill Inventories, a second website should include Occupations Databases or Occupational Information, and a third website should include Career-Related Activities (for the students). Other websites might include Job Search websites, Career-Related Activities websites (for the clients, not for parents, teachers, instructors, or others). All listed websites should include the URL as a direct link to the website, a critique of the website using NCDA’s guidelines (all criteria) for evaluating websites, and a brief (one paragraph) statement of how the website would be used by counselors and clients (or a group of clients) as part of a career-related intervention. All websites must be directly accessible. Guidance or program lesson plan: a parent, teacher, significant other, mental health service professionals, or college instructor experience in lesson plan format (e.g., a presentation to parents on career-related activities to use with elementary school students, a 1-hour in-service for teachers on ways to integrate career-related activities into the curriculum, programming for college advisors related to typical college student career development, a presentation for group home resident counselors on ways to address client career development). An overview and six sessions for a group counseling experience (i.e., in six separate lesson plans) focused on career development. Each of these interventions must be described so that it can be performed by other counselors (professional school counselors, college/university professionals, or mental health counselors). Therefore, each intervention should include goals, objectives, methods, materials, and evaluation for that specific activity. Interventions should be individual creations or adaptations, and they should represent the integration and synthesis of best interventions for the chosen age group. No intervention is to be copied directly from the Internet, the text, or from any other printed or online sources. Students are encouraged to do additional research. For example, the Professional School Counselor, the Journal of College Counseling, and The Career Development Quarterly contain articles that can form the basis for an intervention. Students must cite and reference all sources (in APA Style).

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