Since you have an upcoming literary analysis essay on The Name of the Wind, brai

Since you have an upcoming literary analysis essay on The Name of the Wind, brainstorm here by talking with a group of fellow readers from multiple sections of English 112. Your essay will need to contain substantive analysis with meaningful connections and textual support, so this discussion is a good place to run ideas by other people who’ve also read the book. To select a strong topic, read what I posted under Literary Analysis Essay to see what this kind of essay includes before completing this assignment. Then, reflect on Zoom discussions and reread your annotations to review what caught your attention in earlier chapters. Proofread and be aware that your post and comments will be visible to others, but your grade will be confidential in Canvas. Write your initial post on its own slide and your responses to classmates as comments added to at least two slides made by your classmates.
Do this: Duplicate the template slide (next slide), add your name, thesis statement, and subtopics with supporting quotes. You may also ask questions as part of your post. To write comments on classmates’s slides, select “Add Comment” from the toolbar above when you get to their posts. Your grade will be based on the quality of your post (70%) and your relevant interaction with at least two classmates (30%).
This literature analysis is for the book(The name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss) I will leave a great tip at the end please and below is the way the teacher wants it organized
Name: Moner Ahmad
Thesis Statement:
Subtopic 1:
Subtopic 1 Supporting Quote:
Subtopic 2:
Subtopic 2 Supporting Quote:
Subtopic 3:
Subtopic 3 Supporting Quote:
Subtopic 4:
Subtopic 4 Supporting Quote:
Subtopic 5:
Subtopic 5 Supporting Quote:
Subtopic 6:
Subtopic 6 Supporting Quote:

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