Researching, analyzing, and critically evaluating claims from four peer-reviewed

Researching, analyzing, and critically evaluating claims from four peer-reviewed studies to determine if they are replicable. This process will take place across the semester and culminate in a final paper, which is described in more depth below.
●    Assess the appropriateness of conclusions derived from psychological research, including the interpretation and description of statistical results
●    Demonstrate effective written communication skills, including use of APA style and professional writing conventions appropriate to purpose and context
●    Locate and use relevant databases, research, and theory to plan, conduct, and interpret the results of research studies
●    Read and accurately summarize scientific literature in psychology
●    Use reasoning to recognize, develop, defend, and criticize scientific claims
Title Page:
– Correctly formatted in APA style with all of the required information.
Literature Review / Background:
– Follows the general structure of the Literature Review for a primary journal article:
– Begins broadly, by defining key terms and stating the research question, which in this case concerns the replicability of a previous published study.
– The introductory paragraph is followed by a review of relevant research that provides supporting evidence for the hypotheses of the study you are replicating.
– Ends by re-stating the research question and briefly previewing the method and the hypotheses for the project
– Includes 6 logically relevant peer-reviewed references correctly formatted in-text citations according to APA style 7th edition.
– Demonstrates evidence of synthesis.
– The paper should not be in a one paragraph per study format.
– There should be clear themes developed, with each theme demonstrating a clear connection to the research question and hypotheses of the paper.
– Each theme should be supported by multiple studies. The supporting evidence should build on the theme in increasing complexity or nuance.
– No more than 3 pages.
– The Method section should include all of the relevant sections (Participants, Materials, Design, and Procedure).
– Properly formatted headings and indentations.
– Each section must contain relevant and accurate information about the replication project. This information will be discussed throughout the course and in lab sessions.
– Reports the results of the replication study you selected. You are responsible for conducting the analysis yourself.
– Conducts the appropriate analysis
– Reports the correct results of the statistical tests as well as descriptive statistics (e.g., means and standard deviations)
– Presentation of the results is formatted correctly.
– Recaps the primary research questions and findings
– Considers how the findings fit into the larger research literature
– Address limitations and suggest future research
– Page should be formatted according to APA style 7th edition
– Should include all of the references cited in-text (minimum of 6).
– Each reference entry should be correctly formatted with all of the relevant information (see APA manual as well as course resources to help you with this.)

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