Project Objective: Draw a part of your choosing in SolidWorks and run a conducti

Project Objective: Draw a part of your choosing in SolidWorks and run a conduction simulation. The simulation should be similar to the tutorials provided in the SolidWorks help section and should include a steady-state and transient simulation.
Project Proposal: Due by Wednesday, 11-17-21 to blackboard Turn it in link
Final project document is due to Blackboard folder. Solidworks part and .info file submitted to assignment link in Blackboard folder. BOTH the document and solidworks part/.info parts must be turned in for grading.
• Submit a 1 page write up that includes the following:
o Objective: A few sentences describing the goal of your study
o Dimensions: Dimensions of your model geometry (for example, diameter and length of pipe, diameter and thickness of plate, etc.) – provide actual numbers
o Boundary Conditions and Initial Conditions: Boundary and/or initial conditions that will be set in the model – provide actual numbers
o Probe locations: List he locations where you intend to place the probes. What do you expect to measure and/or monitor during the analysis?
o Transient Simulation conditions: Expected time step and analysis duration for transient simulation. The initial conditions should also be described in this section.
Final project final submission grading criteria:
Introduction (5 points): Describe the problem being solved and why it was chosen for analysis
Methods (10 points): Describe the set up and conditions used in analysis. Include images of the part being studied and where boundary conditions are applied.
Analysis (10 points): Describe the conditions of the study and where probe locations were applied. Answer questions from the above probe locations criteria (what did you find from the probe location measurements/monitoring during analysis?)
Results and Discussion (10 points): Summarize results of the simulation and discuss improvements that could made on future analyses. Describe what steps were taken to ensure that the model was as accurate as possible to meet objectives of the study.
Conclusion (5 points): Summarize the main findings of the simulation study

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