Project Milestones  . Phase 1: Outline 1. Choose topic, get Prof’s approval, 

Project Milestones 
Phase 1: Outline
1. Choose topic, get Prof’s approval,       
and begin research           
Phase 2: Interviews (20 pts)
1. Add interview questions           
2. Completed interview transcript       
Phase 3: Applications (20 pts)
1. Add courses you will apply           
2. Complete at least one application       
3. Complete both applications       
Phase 4: PowerPoint and Complete Paper   
1. PowerPoint
2. Complete PowerPoint               
3. Begin Peer Review               
4. Completed Peer Review            5. Completed Paper & PowerPoint
Phase 1: Research
Choose a biomedical instrument to work on from the list. You may not research one that someone else has already chosen. Your research will include, but is not limited to, answers for the following questions:
1. What tier is instrument, what is this instrument’s primary function and how does it work?
2. What sections of a hospital or clinic would this instrument be located in and why?
3. Name three manufacturers of this instrument? Please include the specific make, model, new and used price for each instrument.
4. What are some common problems and/or failures regarding this unit? How would a BMET repair and mitigate this?
5. What are the Preventative Maintenance schedules for this equipment (after each use, semi-annually, annually) and where can it be found in the operator or service manual?
6. What is something specific that you would need to check when performing Preventative Maintenance on this unit? (e.g., Temperature reading is properly calibrated)
7. What equipment would a BMET use to test and calibrate this instrumentation?
8. If any, does this instrument need to be used in conjunction with another biomedical instrument?
9. What are the medical safety concerns for users of this equipment, how injury might occur, and how are those concerns addressed (ex: exposure to harmful radiation, burns, etc.)?
10. What are the medical safety concerns for patients when using this equipment and how are those concerns addressed (microshock, burns, allergic reaction, etc.)?
11. What are the government regulations and industry standards that apply to this equipment?
12. What organization(s) exists specifically for information, education, and training about this biomedical instrument?

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