Policy Analysis Paper The policy analysis paper offers students the opportunity

Policy Analysis Paper
The policy analysis paper offers students the opportunity to demonstrate critical thinking skills in the policy practice arena. Students will write a research paper where they apply a policy analysis framework to a federal or state legislation (eg. gay marriage, abortion, etc.) OR a social program (ex. WIC program, food stamps, child protective services, etc.) that impacts social work practice. If you are choosing a program or issue, please relate it to a specific public policy or set of policies. If you do not, the analysis will lack focus. Students will conduct extensive research surrounding a policy, including material from the DiNitto & Johnson’s textbook. The length of the paper is 7 to 10 pages excluding cover and reference pages. The paper is to be typed using Times New Roman 12 font, double-spaced with 1-inch margins all side, including top, bottom, left, and right.
Headings: Introduction; Social Work Values and Ethics; Policy Analysis (use 6 sub-headings in this section); Amendments
Sub-headings: Use the sub-headings (1 to 12) in “Policy Analysis” section only. NO sub-headings in other sections.
Introduction (maximum a half-page)
• State the social policy or program that will be studied in this paper
• State the social problem(s) that the policy/program is intended to address
• State the significance of the problem to social policy and social welfare (Why is this an important issue that needs to be studied?; Provide some statistics as evidence)
Social Work Values and Ethics (maximum a half-page)
• Discuss how social work values and ethics are related to the policy
• DO NOT copy and paste NASW Code of Ethics
Policy Analysis (minimum 5 pages) – This is the MAIN PART!!
(Information from government agencies and/or peer-reviewed sources should be used)
1. How the problem defined (“problem” as a background of why the policy was enacted)
2. Nature or cause of the problem (ex. socioeconomic, psychological, political and cultural factors influencing) of the problem?
3. The purpose of the policy
4. Intended target population of the policy
o What are the characteristics of the target?
o How many people will be directly affected by the policy?
5. Political, social, and economic rationale for the policy
6. Results of the policy on the target population
7. The success of the policy
o Achieved the purpose?
8. Any change in the policy after implementation (why?)
9. Costs of the proposed policy
10. Cost-effectiveness analysis (eg. ratio between input and output) (https://www.cdc.gov/policy/polaris/economics/cost-effectiveness.html)
11. Unintended targets/effects of the policy
12. Strengths and weaknesses of the policy
Amendments (minimum 1 page)
• Based on your analysis, what amendments do you recommend to improve the policy? Please make sure the suggested amendments are specific. Also, provide a rationale for each amendment.
• What policy strategies can achieve these goals?
• Who should take responsibility for improving things?
• Are your recommendations implementable?
Overall Quality
• Quality of contents
• Page number
• APA style

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