Please watch the video clip on Why RV Sales Are Growing. Also, consider what you

Please watch the video clip on Why RV Sales Are Growing. Also, consider what you have read so far in this course.
What do you think about the future of the RV business? Would you invest in such a business? Why?
Please write your discussion post of at least 300 words on your interpretation of the issue. You also need to make sure you explicitly write about how the subjects discussed in the text (Chapters 5 and 6) relate to this real-life example at hand. Please make sure your original posts are more than 300 words. Your replies should be more than 200 words. Your responses should be referring to the connection your classmate makes to the text. Remember you need to make 1 original post on the discussion board and reply to two different comments of your classmates.
Your integration of the concepts in the textbook or the articles should be deep. Just mentioning the concepts and not discussing them deeply will not get you a good grade.- Your replies should also concentrate on the links your friends make with the textbook.
Opens: October 3rd
Initial Response Due: October 31st
Replies Due: November 7th
Graded Discussions
Online Discussion -Board Rubric
Points Assigned
Response or the original post goes beyond simply explaining the phenomenon, makes links with the class material, and further stimulates thought and discussion. External sources (2 minimum) are used to back ideas further and are cited properly. The replies also discuss the link to the course material. The references for both the textbook and the external sources are APA style both in the text and at the end of the discussion (The initial response and both replies are timely.)
Response or the original post explains the phenomenon and makes some links to the text, but does not go further in the analysis. The external resources used are on a tangent. The sources used are cited correctly. Replies also are not in-depth.
Response or the original post provides obvious information without further links to the material or analysis, lacks the depth of knowledge or reasoning. The external sources used are not cited or are on a tangent. Replies as well.
Response or the original post does not accurately address the phenomena and/or without consistency. No relevant external sources are used or cited. Replies do not go beyond agreeing.
No response or the original post provided within the associated time frame.

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