Please respond to the following writing prompt: 1) How would you describe the wo

Please respond to the following writing prompt:
1) How would you describe the women in Part I. Be sure to include Ellen, Hella, and the caretaker and highlight their differences?
PLEASE ONLY REFERENCE ONE SOURCE FOR THIS BOOK Giovanni’s Room (1956) by James Baldwin.
Note: Those of you who prefer true crime will be disappointed in Giovanni’s Room (GR). James Baldwin is using crime symbolically.
NOTE: Homosexuality was not accepted in France as well, but the streets and locations Baldwin refers to were largely within the gay district of Paris at the time. James Baldwin’s work has two major themes: what it meant to be African American in America and what it meant to be homosexual in America in the 1950s. Baldwin’s focus on homosexuality and bisexuality, however, is really a focus on love: who is allowed to love whom and how. Published in 1956, Giovanni’s Room presents Baldwin’s clearest statement about homosexuality and bisexuality. To focus on sexual orientation, identity, love, and social mores, the characters are white and the setting is Paris. Paris was a safe place for Baldwin unlike anywhere in the United States at the time.
Baldwin was working out his own issues, yes, but he was also foregrounding social issues in the United States. He was active in the Civil Rights movement and a little ahead of the 1960s gay rights movement.
The novel begins with the narrator telling about a murder, and the plot is the reconstruction of events leading to the murder, what must have happened. It’s a memory piece and speculation, parts of which are rooted in autobiography. Readers know from the beginning who is accused of the murder and what will happen. The entire novel, then, is an account given to the reader and takes place in one night.

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