Please do a brochure about Anorexia, you must cite every website as well as imag

Please do a brochure about Anorexia, you must cite every website as well as images and statistics. A minimum of two credible sources.
The student will demonstrate the ability to research ONE specific eating disorder and create an informational tool emphasizing the specific details about that disorder.
Choose one particular eating disorder to focus on (your choice). Create an informational tool relaying the information to the public. This can be in the form of a flier, a pamphlet, or a brochure. You may search the Internet for “FREE” templates to use. Include the following information in your tool:
a. Name and brief definition of the eating disorder
b. Narrow down an age group and gender (i.e. females age 18 and under)
c. Statistics for your chosen age group and eating disorder (over past 1-2 years)
d. Pictures/Images (minimum #2)
e. The connection between body image and the eating disorder
f. Signs/Symptoms/Health problems associated with the eating disorder
g. Services available for the treatment in your local or surrounding area
h. Cited sources section for all pictures, images, and information. (Minimum #3 – one can be the text – the other two need to be from credible sources such as a credible website or a medical journal)
Grading Rubric:
• A pamphlet, flier, or brochure template was used. (10 points)
• The tool included all of the required information listed above. (70 points – 10 points for each letter “a – g”)
• The tool included a minimum of THREE credible sources as noted above. One must be the text (15 points – 5 points for each reference)
• The tool was created with less than 2 grammatical errors, including grammar, punctuation and spelling. (5 points)

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