OVERALL PAPER REQUIREMENTS: · Papers must be 5-8 full pages (1650-2600 word

· Papers must be 5-8 full pages (1650-2600 words) of analysis long, typed, double-spaced. Your Works Cited Page does not count toward the minimum.
· Follow MLA 8 style.
· Include a Works Cited Page according to MLA 8 style.
· Use quotes from the novel/story to support your points.
· In addition to the literature you use as your primary source (the novel), include at least 4 peer reviewed, secondary sources that are a minimum of 7 pages long.
· The sources I count: These sources may be selected from books, selections from a critical book/anthology, or peer-reviewed academic journals. The academic journals can be in hard-copy form or on-line (such as from eBook Central, MLA Bibliography, Project Muse, LION, JSTOR, etc). Any exceptions must be cleared by me in advance. I recommend that you start your search by using the library’s Discovery Search and MLA International Bibliography Database. Avoid simple Google searches. Part of what I will evaluate you on will be your ability to use sophisticated sources.
· I will not count web pages or on-line reference sources (like SparkNotes, Wikipedia, Gale author biographies, or a service provider’s literary encyclopedia); sources that are summaries of a longer work, like a book review or Dissertation Abstracts International; or Notes and Queries, The Explicator, or any other very short source that does not go into depth and detail (in other words, if it’s only a few pages, it’s not enough). You may use these sources (and should cite them); they just won’t count toward the minimum.
· Include at least one direct quote and one paraphrase from each source minimum. Most likely, you will use more than one quote and paraphrase from at least one of your sources.
· Turn in a photocopy of each secondary research source’s page that you quote or paraphrase from. You don’t need to turn in pages from the novel.
· Papers must be significantly different from any other paper you have turned in.
· Turn in rough drafts, notes, etc.–anything that shows me evidence of revision.
· Include a works cited page. For citation rules, see my handout or Purdue University’s online writing lab at https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/
· FINAL PAPER DUE: Wednesday, December 1 uploaded to Canvas by 10 p.m.

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