Out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge,”muses Winston Churchil

Out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge,”muses Winston Churchill.
ENC1102 Essay 3 Poetry Essay Assignment
The assignment’s objective is to build critical thinking skills, evidenced by one’s ability to demonstrate a connection, through writing, with abstract ideas to concrete interpretations.
Submission Requirements
MLA Heading—Name, Instructor’s Name, Course and Assignment, Due Date
Ideas must be supported by citing evidence using MLA in-text citations from poem or poems (REQUIRED).
Do not use outside sources.
Word Count Minimum: 600
Work or Works Cited page required; discuss only the poems included in this module.
Basic format of essay
Paragraph one—Introduce basic ideas of poems and include poem’s title along with author in the first line. Thesis statement should be the last sentence of introductory paragraph and reference the work(s) and author.
Paragraphs two, three, four—Body paragraphs should provide evidence to support your thesis using MLA citations found in the poems or poems. Topic sentences should reference author or poem(s) title and tie to thesis.
Paragraph five—Conclusion should tie up loose ends and reiterate the points made throughout the essay.
1. How does the poet use a literary device to promote a theme?
2. Write an essay in which a single word or certain wordsseems crucial to the total effect of those poems. Write an essay in which you work out carefully how the poem’s meaning and tone depend on those words.
3. Write an essay about the way a poet can use situation and setting to evoke rich intermingling of language, subject, and feeling.
4. Write an essay in which sound seems a more important element than anything else, even the meaning of the words.
5. Write an essay in which the diction or meaning of the words play deeply into the tone or theme meant by the poet.
6. Choose two that show interrelated themes. Compare orcontrast those themes.
7. Write an essay supporting a thesis of how the poet uses shifts, imagery, diction, or sounds to create the poem’s attitude toward its subject. Think “My Papa’s Waltz”
8. Compare how a poem we have discussed and the lyrics of a modern song are similar to convey meaning, tone, or theme.

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