Only choose one question Study Questions for Wuthering Heights, ch. 4-9 1) Close

Only choose one question
Study Questions for Wuthering Heights, ch. 4-9
1) Closely read Mrs. Dean’s (Nelly’s) account of Heathcliff’s arrival in the Earnshaw household in chapter four (p.28-32). How does Heathcliff come to Wuthering Heights and how does his presence affect the family? What do we learn about the characters and family dynamics in this episode?
2) Take a close look at the circumstances of Catherine’s forced stay at Thrushcross Grange in chapter six. How does Heathcliff describe the scene at the Grange to Nelly and how does he perceive the Linton’s and the place they live? How do the Linton’s in turn perceive him? How and why are he and Catherine separated?
3) How does the stay at Thrushcross Grange affect Catherine? How does it affect Heathcliff? How does it change the relationship between the two after Catherine’s return in chapter 7, and what are Hindley’s and Frances’ roles in this development? See in particular Heathcliff’s perception of himself and of Edgar Linton in his conversation with Nelly and the interaction between Heathcliff, Edgar, and Hindley that immediately follows (p.44-46)
4) Take a close look at the interpersonal dynamics between Heathcliff and Catherine, Catherine and Nelly, and Catherine and Edgar in chapter 8. What do these exchanges reveal about the characters and their emotions? Why does Catherine become physically violent with Nelly, Hareton, and Edgar in this scene?
5) In chapter 9 Catherine reveals to Nelly that Edgar has asked her to marry him. What reasons does she give to Nelly for saying yes to Edgar, and why is she conflicted about having done so? Take a particularly close look at the dream she tells Nelly about being thrown out of heaven by the angels to land on the heath above Wuthering Heights (p.63). What does this dream tell us about her decision?
6) Heathcliff, who is been overhearing the conversation unbeknownst to Catherine and Nelly, leaves, again unobserved by Catherine, after he hears her say “It would degrade me to marry Heathcliff now” (63). What does Catherine tell Nelly about her feelings for Heathcliff and her rationale for marrying Edgar after Heathcliff has left? What metaphors does she use to describe her feelings for both of them? (Take a close look at Catherine’s speech on p.64, “He quite deserted … it is impracticable, and –’”).

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