Integrative Case Study 5.1 Starbucks Risk Ratio Interpretations Read pages 396 a

Integrative Case Study 5.1 Starbucks Risk Ratio Interpretations
Read pages 396 and 397 in the Wahlen text.
Respond to Question A by calculating all ratios required in the question using Excel.
You will download the Blank FSAP Template from the textbook website and populate the “Data” and “Analysis” tabs to compute the ratios. You will add a tab in the first position labeled “Final Response” for your final response that should be in the format of Exhibit 5.27 in the Excel workbook by completing the 2012 ratios column linking to the Analysis tab for each ratio. Be sure all calculations are completed with Excel formulas and the source data is provided and properly cited.
This video helps you get started by showing how to calculate the current ratio and quick ratio The following video shows you how to compute other ratios and could serve as a guide
Your file should be submitted in the drop box with the following naming convention:
Respond to Question B where you are to fully interpret and analyze the ratios you calculated in Part A. You should note any unusual fluctuations and possible reasons for the changes. Be sure your response uses APA style to include at least one citation from the chapter readings and/or the case study that supports or provides evidence for your response to each question. Your response should not be less than 100 words per risk.
Your response should specifically address:
Short Term Liquidity Risk
Long Term Liquidity Risk and
Bankruptcy Risk.
Copy of Blank FSAP Template.xlsx
Assignment Grading Criteria
Correctly responded to all portions of Question A and Question B.
Supported response to questions from the assigned chapter readings and/or the case.
Each response was at minimum 100 words (without a repeat of the question).
Used correct spelling, grammar, and professional vocabulary.
Formatted the paper and cited all sources using APA format.

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