Instructions For your assignment this week, write the outline you will be using

For your assignment this week, write the outline you will be using for the PowerPoint presentation due in Week 4.
Include the following parts:
Your outline will begin with the general goal: What led me to my present career?
Next, you will choose what your specific goal will be. Use the lesson for this week to help guide you in your process of choosing the specific goal. The lesson provided one example of the direction you can go with this choice.
Thirdly, you will write your thesis. Make sure that it is one sentence and that it contains a clear topic, purpose (with opinion words), and parts (sections) – because your thesis needs to be your TOP priority when you are organizing your speech.
After establishing your goals and thesis, you are ready for the body of the paper. Your thesis should have provided the “preview” or “parts” of the presentation. Your parts will become the focus for each topic sentence.
Write out the topic sentences for the outline.
Under the topic sentences, provide bullets of what you want to address in each section. Amongst the bullets, include the sourced information, quotes, or paraphrased material, but make each item a bullet.
Finally, your outline needs to end with the conclusion. At the end of the summary you have provided in the conclusion, write the final statement. This final statement can be a summary statement or a call to action.
Following the outline, you will provide the five images that you will include in the PowerPoint.
Beneath each image, you will include a sentence explaining why you have selected this image to be a part of your PowerPoint.
Reference Page
Finally, your last page in this submission will be the Reference page. You must have at least one source as a part of your Reference section; however, you are welcome to use more than one source if you find it valuable. If the source you used for your discussion post for Week Three appears to be a helpful source for PowerPoint, then you can include it here along with the textbook or lesson.
This submission must be done as a single Word document. Begin with a title page. The second and third pages will be your outline. The fourth and fifth pages need to hold the five images with explanations. Your sixth page will be the Reference page.
Use the template located in the Required Resources to complete this assignment, making sure to keep the APA headings for each paragraph.
Writing Requirements (APA format)
Length: 6 pages (including references page)
1-inch margins
Double spaced
12-point Times New Roman font
References page (minimum of 1 reliable outside source)

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