In a four paragraph typed essay of at least 800 words, write an analysis of a fu

In a four paragraph typed essay of at least 800 words, write an analysis of a full-page, color magazine ad. You can use an ad from a magazine or simply go to google images to find an ad. The ad can be from any era: 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s etc. all the way to the present.
Your intro or first paragraph can be very short, but should include the date of publication (general estimate), where in the publication the ad is generally located (If you got it from a magazine, otherwise not applicable), and the name of the product advertised.
The second paragraph should be a long, detailed description of all the visual facts, and just the that, no inferences yet. Hold them for the next paragraph.
The third paragraph should be a long, detailed explanation about your inferences based on what you described in the second paragraph, what the visual details suggest, and the conclusions you arrive at.
In your fourth paragraph conclude your essay by making a judgement on the ad: Were the creators of the ad ethical with how they designed it to work on consumers’ minds? Is the target audience being exploited? Are there hidden assumptions and subliminal messages that are unhealthy or immoral?
Include a picture of the ad or downloaded image when you submit your document.
Some further suggestions:
Stay in the present tense when describing.
Avoid the first person “I” or second person “you” at all times. For example, don’t write “I chose an ad on Marlboro cigarettes…” Instead write in the third person, “Marlboro cigarettes ran a recent ad that featured….” Also, avoid writing something like “When you look at the man holding the cigarette in his left hand you notice that…” Instead, write, “The man holds a cigarette in his left hand…”
Tobacco, alcohol, and fashion ads are usually over the top, easier to work with and a lot of fun, but your ad can be about any product. If you want to see a demo about how to find and analyze an ad you can watch this short video (Links to an external site.) (Sorry, link will not be available until Tues., May 3) for further instruction.
Don’t be too surprised or shocked about what you may observe! Advertisers will do almost anything to sell a product!

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