im trying to write a paper about this artist and I need some help her names ana

im trying to write a paper about this artist and I need some help
her names ana mendieta
I need to give backgorund
information on the artist and why she does what she does. as well as i
need to write a complete description of on of her pieces of work
Artist background, education etc.
Describe the style of the work
Describe and explain materials and techniques employed by artist
Explain your general response to the artist’s work what you like or don’t like, and why
an in depth example of one piece of the artist’s work using relevant
terminology such as the elements and principles of design, and how you
respond to it (you must include an image of this piece)
Why is this artist’s work successful/unsuccessful
Collections which include the artist’s work
Where to find more information on this artist
paper will be a formal research project for which you will research a
contemporary (living or having lived within your lifetime) artist.
project will include at least four pages written text, as well as at
least three high quality pictures, and good captions with each image.
paper may be based partly on an interview with your chosen artist.
Thisis a VERY good way to get useful, relevant information and a unique
perspective not often found in articles and books.
Your paper should include YOUR interpretations and thoughts about their
work, style, process etc.

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