I will attach the reading and the literary theories and once a student has respo

I will attach the reading and the literary theories and once a student has responded I will post that as well. read pages 16-41 and answer the questions
Initial Post (300-500 words)
Share your reflections on “Yat Madit” by Dilman Dila and “Rainmaker” by Mazi Nwonwo (pp. 16-41) as guided by the associated reading prompts (restated below). You can share your reflections either in direct response to one of these prompts or as one that draws on elements of more than one prompt.
We have discovered several reoccurring themes and imagery within diverse Afrofuturist and Africanfuturist works, such as reimagining the past and imagining the future; science and ultra-advanced technology; Western vs non-Western perspective or mode of understanding the world; African-centered cultural/spiritual practices, beliefs, histories, mythologies; alienation and isolation; and inspiring change, among others. What themes, concepts, and/or imagery do these works draw on? How are they uniquely integrated and developed in each story?
Consider points of comparison and contrast between these specific works and/or with other works you have been exposed to in this unit, including those in other artistic modalities such as music and art (see examples listed below under “Additional Resources”). What are both the shared and distinct elements of these works? Discuss the themes, imagery, symbols, and any other features or concepts that stand out to you, and provide examples to illustrate your response.
Use your reading strategies to reflect on critical questions about the author, reader, text, and culture. Research any key details and/or passages to gain further insight or understanding into the cultural and/or historical references integrated into the work. What questions did you explore and what research helped you explore them or simply offer insight into particular aspects fo the stories?
Consider the literary theories
Download literary theories
that we’ve worked with throughout the class. Which one or two literary theories would make for the most interesting analysis of each of these works. Explain your response with illustrative examples from each story.
One Reply (200-300 words)
Read through the initial posts of your peers and select one post to respond to. Acknowledge your peer’s ideas and insight and add on to them with additional commentary, support, clarifying details, insightful context from your research, and/or a new or different perspective. Your reply can help to develop your peer’s post, clarify its ideas, and/or connect it to other reading or viewing material for the unit, such as any music videos, short stories, films, or theoretical articles (“Black to the Future,” “Africanfurturism Defined”).

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