Then answer the following three questions. Make cer

Then answer the following three questions. Make certain to support your opinion using concepts and vocabulary from the chapter. You will need to post at least 3 full well-written paragraphs.
The text notes that social science research has not shown the “get-tough” approach to crime to be effective or cost-efficient. If this is true, why do you think this approach has been so popular in the United States since the1970s? Who might be benefiting from the “get tough” approach? (Hint: It’s not us!)
Of the five strategies outlined in the text to reduce crime, which one strategy do you think would be most effective if it were implemented with adequate funding? Explain your answer.
The text argues that improvement in prison conditions would help reduce the probability of reoffending after inmates leave prison. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain your answer.

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