Foreword: 1) This assignment has a posted rubric below for how it is graded. If

1) This assignment has a posted rubric below for how it is graded. If you are not already familiar with it, please read it.
2) Word and PDF submissions are allowed.
3) The following prompt involves some concepts introduced in this module’s Day 4 readings which could be advantageous for you to read in advance of writing this prompt and attending the module’s Day 4 class meeting.
Position Paper Prompt:
Antitrust law in the United States has been characterized as “a blunt-force weapon” that has come to consider reductions in competition (such as Facebook acquiring Instagram) through these reductions’ effect on consumer prices. Yet the “tech giants” (like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple) charge significantly different “prices” to different users of their services. App developers, advertisers, and third-party sellers pay hefty sums to these “tech giants”, while ordinary users pay little to nothing, at least in financial terms. Nonetheless, the market power of these companies is undeniable, to where some argue more government regulation is needed. Some go even further, and argue for breaking up the “tech giants” altogether. Others argue that a more laissez-faire approach is best, whether due to the unintended consequences of regulation, or because the benefits these companies bring consumers exceed the companies’ anti-competitive profits.
Imagine that you are the newly hired CEO of Amazon following Bezos’ retirement to pursue his outer space ambitions. One of your first issues surrounds the stance Amazon lobbyists should take in Washington D.C. regarding the future regulation of Amazon’s market power. AS THE NEW CEO OF THE COMPANY, WHAT POSITION DO YOU TAKE WITH RESPECT TO THE GOVERNMENT REGULATION OF AMAZON’S MARKET POWER? (Should Amazon be broken up?; Should Amazon’s possible anti-competitive effects be better regulated (and how)?; Should the government just let Amazon keep doing its (awesome) thing with minimal interference?; Should Amazon’s competitors be regulated instead?) Keep in mind that your position on this matter will implicate the interests of Amazon shareholders, Amazon employees, Amazon sellers, Amazon customers, and the American public writ large in distinct and cross-cutting ways, such that you should be sure to consider at least some of these distinct groups in your analysis.
Your position statement submission is limited to 300 words in length.
Have a counterargument at the end. Include class readings attached.

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