For your first reflective paper, you were asked to answer Why are you here?. **

For your first reflective paper, you were asked to answer Why are you here?.
**For your second reflective paper, you are required to answer the broad question What did you learn from completing the Personality Dimensions Assessment and how have/will you apply it to your coursework?**
Identify your main takeaways (lessons) from this course and how you have used those takeaways in other courses this semester or plan to use them moving forward. There is a maximum word count of 1000 with no less than 925 words as you will need close to 1000 words in order to provide the level of detail necessary to ensure a successful paper. You will still need to be concise and use APA 7th edition formatting for student papers, including a title page with page number (no running head), section headings (one level is fine), a conclusion and any referencing (optional) you completed for your assignment (there is no need to reference the material provided in class inclusive of Maria’s information). The title page and reference section (if you have one) does not count towards your total word count. While I am hopeful you will work at being objective in your writing, in the event you choose to use first person (I, me, my), to discuss personal examples and experiences to support the assignment criteria, please work at keeping first person references to 20 or less. This is a reflective writing assignment therefore I do not want to see any block quotations and limited in-text quotations/citations (4 total and you will be required to provide references if you include citations). Once again I have turned on SafeAssign so you will become familiar with this tool as I will be using it for your final assignment. See the handouts and web links in this week’s materials folder for more details and examples.

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