For this assignment, you need to include: 1. An explanation piece that det

For this assignment, you need to include:
1. An explanation piece that details the family and community engagement policy. This piece needs to explicitly demonstrate that you have integrated course material. You need to include connections through specific citations (these don’t need to be direct quotations).
The explanation piece should include the following:
a. Briefly describe the setting. Assume you have families from multiple groups including various socio-economic status and ethnicity.
b. Pew Research (2010) argues early childhood settings need to provide families information on a variety of topics, including child development and the importance of play. Identify a minimum of 4 topics you would stress during the academic year. Provide at least 1 resource that families could use related to each topic. For each topic provide a brief description of how you would deliver this information and why you choose these topics using research to support your selection.
c. Define ways families could be involved in this setting giving examples. Don’t forget about cultural differences school-home relationships. How will you explain roles and expectations? Explain what framework or theory influenced definition. Remember that you want to develop and encourage reciprocal relationships.
d. Provide information on how this child care setting will communicate with families. Provide ways the setting will keep families informed of curricula, events, community news or opportunities, etc. At least one technology means of communicating needs to be included and the policy should indicate any options families have regarding communication.
e. Provide information about transitions to the next educational setting or grade level. What would be expected of children? Families? What deadlines and/or paperwork are involved? Provide a rationale for what you’ve included.
f. Any additional information that you may want to include

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