Discuss the similarities and differences between Anti-Social Personality Disorder and Psychopathy.

Question – Discuss the similarities and differences between Anti-Social Personality Disorder and Psychopathy. Include an explanation of the creation and practical implementation of both concepts, as well as, the benefits and limitations of each with regards to criminal investigation, risk assessment, and treatment.
from ta- FOCUS ON CONSTRUCTS NOT THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE THIS DISORDER i asked my ta questions for further help: Creation of constructs means who created the terms and why? Someone came up with the constructs for some purpose. Think about the constructs in the DSM vs Hare’s Checklist. I think it would be probably be best if you put them both in the same paragraph since you are comparing the two constructs. I think that it may be better to amalgamate these short paragraphs into larger ones. A paragraph should contain a complete idea. So you would have one paragraph on comparing and contrasting creation on ASPD vs psychopathy construct. I think if you try to break it down into these small paragraphs, you won’t be able to weave in your argument. For each section, you need to compare and contrast the two constructs so you can’t really have paragraphs without both. Where would you include Hares checklist and triarchic model when talking about psychopathy? You would likely want to address this in the paragraph on “creation.” Can we be comparing and contrasting throughout the entire essay even in the paragraphs in regards to real-life implications? For example can I argue that Psychopathy is more dangerous than Aspd based on prevalence or should I just have that in the first paragraph with the similarities and differences? You should be including info for your arguments on ASPD/psychopathy in every paragraph – so by extension, yes, there should be comparing and contrasting throughout the paper. Remember, this paper is on the constructs so just talking about whether psychopathy or ASPD is more dangerous is not quite getting at the heart of the assignment. But if you phrase that a bit differently, to talk about the prevalence of these conditions in the real world then that would fit in with real-life implications. rubric to follow PLEASE FOLLOW THE OUTLINE but for the last paragraph there needs to be a concluded argument for the pros and cons to be following

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