Directions: For this connection response, you will watch the following 2 clips,

Directions: For this connection response,
you will watch the following 2 clips, and then provide an analysis
using 2 concepts from this chapter. These two clips are pretty powerful,
and you can choose to focus your response and your 2 concepts on just
one of the clips or both. It should be clear from your response if you
are discussing both clips or just one clip.
Click here for the clips: 48 Things Men Hear (Links to an external site.) and 48 Things Women Hear (Links to an external site.)
1) 12 pt. Times New Roman;
2) Double spaced;
3) Submitted via Canvas;
4) Bold each concept;
6) 2 page minimum; anything less than 2 pages does not provide
sufficient evidence that a student can see the connection to the real
General suggestions for connection responses:
Students who have done well on connection responses often make both
concepts relate to one another. This shows they are able to “connect”
(how cheesy, I know!) two concepts and show how both concepts relate in
the real world;
If your connection response is more than 2 pages, that is okay!
Granted, if your connection response is super lengthy, I would kindly
suggest editing because often, when students write too much, it can
illustrate that they are actually not making connections. So write
You can use examples from your own life, from society, from our
text, really anything you want to illustrate the connection of the two
concepts you have chosen. The goal is for you to show that again, you
see how two concepts from that specific chapter relate in the real

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