Choose one work (assigned in the course) from any of the poets or authors: Eliot

Choose one work (assigned in the course) from any of the poets or authors: Eliot, Auden, Hughes, or Hurston. For your mini-essay post, explain why people today can relate to the poem or short story.
The Harlem Renaissance (1930-1940s):
Langston Hughes and Zora Neal Hurston
Though many identify this period with Harlem in New York City, there are some who claim that the movement was born in Washington D.C. This is a time in American history where African American art, literature and music flourished. Thanks to this period African American voices began to be recognized as valuable and significant contributors to American culture. However, the “Negroe” was still considered a second-class citizen, and the struggle is evident in most of the works you will read in this lesson. Perhaps, some of the best-known authors of this period are Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston. You will be reading samples of their work.
Langston Hughes (1902-1967)
Poets.Org says of Hughes,
Some of Hughes’s major poetic influences were Walt Whitman [1819-1892; U.S.], Carl Sandburg [1878-1967; U.S.], Paul Laurence Dunbar [1872-1906; U.S.], and Claude McKay [1889-1948; Jamaica] . . . . It was the marriage of these widely varying aesthetics, modernism mixed with an almost religious devotion to the power of repetition and musicality in the blues, that gave rise to Hughes’s voice, which sounded like no other voice that came before it. (para. 10)
Best known for his poems written during the Harlem Renaissance, Hughes used a new literary art form, jazz poetry, that according to Poets.Org is “a literary genre defined as poetry necessarily informed by jazz music—that is, poetry in which the poet responds to and writes about jazz” (“A Brief Guide” para. 1).
Reading Assignments
Read an introduction to Langston Hughes on

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