Categorize, type, and evaluate the causes for failure of counterespionage operat

Categorize, type, and evaluate the causes for failure of counterespionage operations. You must assess at least 6 different cases where counterespionage operations failed to stop foreign intelligence services from collecting classified information critical to national security. What themes of failure of counterespionage are present throughout your cases? Categorize and type them. Your thesis must declare the main causes for the failure of counterespionage operations. Your content must include specific cases with names, places, dates, outcomes, etc. You are expected to go beyond the provided readings in the class and research cases on your own. Attached here to this assignment is a listing of cases of espionage against the US, cases where counterespionage failed to adequately protect national security. You can use this as a starting place to find cases. The library is another good source. Instructions: This assignment consists of a research analysis paper with a minimum of 6 full pages in length, double-spaced. This page count does not include a title page or the references/bibliography page(s), which are also required in accordance with Chicago. The source material should result primarily from self-led external research of scholarly articles. In addition, you may use the course-required reading materials. It is a requirement that you use at least 6 scholarly sources in researching and writing this assignment. Optional Readings: You may use the following references for ideas… Attached in the first assignment (not this assignment) is a detailed discussion of espionage and counterespionage operations in Latin America in the 1960s. It should provide plenty of detail and insight. You are not required to use this reading. It is provided, though, for you to get a good understanding of the purpose, methods, and issues in espionage. While technology has changed since the 1960s, the basic functions remain. Haste Hastedt, Glenn P. 2011. Spies, Wiretaps, and Secret Operations: An Encyclopedia of American Espionage [2 Volumes] : An Encyclopedia of American Espionage. Santa Barbara, Calif: ABC-CLIO, 2011. eBook Collection (EBSCOhost), EBSCOhost (accessed July 13, 2017). The following document will give you a primer on the concepts and definition of counterintelligence, counterespionage, law enforcement, and intelligence and espionage. It is a good source that presents information in a logical and easy to read format. Makes sure your paper reflects the concepts and definitions properly. This reading will reinforce this information (this document is in the attachments).

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