Be sure to answer ALL parts of the questions. Reread the questions after you ans

Be sure to answer ALL parts of the questions. Reread the questions after you answer them to ensure you’ve fully answered them.
Pay attention to the verbs such as identify, explain, discuss and so forth to ensure you fulfill the purpose of the question. An explanation is more than one or 6 sentences but actually explain the concept so I can see what you know.
You will be given five questions of which you may answer four of them for 25 pts each or answer five questions worth 20 pts each for a total of 100 points. You will receive five questions so answer the ones you’re most confident about. You may answer them in any order.
You may also be asked to provide an example. If no example is requested, do not provide an example.
Your answers need to come from the lecture discussions rather than outside sources (Internet). Few, if any, points will be given for research from outside class lectures.
Please use paragraphs to separate parts of the questions (organize answers for easier reading)
NOTE: I encourage you to read the textbook and take notes explaining the concepts in your own words. I will NOT accept answers copied from the text but rather your own in-depth explaining of the concepts (be specific). It is important to learn certain pieces of info but what is more important is that you recognize that you’re a learner, a life long learner. I am evaluating you on what you’ve learned from our lectures and discussions. Demonstrate what you’ve learned!
BOOK (TEXT): Interpersonal Conflict by Joyce Hocker and William Wilmot, (10th Edition), McGraw Hill Publishing, 2018. The 9th Edition (NO OUTSIDE SOURCES BESIDES THE BOOK & VIDEOS PROVIDED BELOW)

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