Background We use reflective learning subconsciously every day, and reflective l

We use reflective learning subconsciously every day, and reflective learning is a valuable skill required by Engineers to further their professional development. Reflecting on learning experiences helps reinforce lessons “learnt” during professional practice and whilst studying. Actively using reflective learning as a student will aid you in retaining more information and help you understand the strengths and weaknesses in your own learning style.
One of the few positive outcomes of the COVID-19 epidemic is the increase in people working from home. As a result employers are saying that they are actively looking for their future Engineers to have the skills sets needed to be able to successfully work remotely. Further, prior to COVID-19, it was not unusual for Global companies to require their staff to successfully work on-line via video conferences et cetera and across different time zones with people of varying levels of English proficiency. The on-line work situation for MECH1400 this semester simulates this professional workplace situation.
Assessment Details
Critically reflect on two experiences of working remotely / on-line that you encountered while completing your MECH1400 open-ended project. The first experience should be something that worked well and/or better than expected. The second experience should be something that didn’t work well, didn’t work as expected and/or needs to be improved. In each case reflect on what you learnt from working remotely, what you would do differently next time to improve the outcome and what you expect this different approach/changes to achieve.
References (if used) should use either the Harvard Download Harvard or APA 7th Download APA 7th referencing and citation styles.
Assessment Guidance
Reflective writing is all about you. It is about what you have learned and why it is important to your learning. You need to relate your reflections to your past experiences. If you don’t appear prominently in the writing, it is not a reflection ( last viewed 27th of March 2020).
It is also very important that you do not simply summarise what you have learnt or what you did; writing a reflection is not the same as making notes or reporting activity. While you are required to reflect on your project experience in MECH1400, your reported reflections need to go further and relate your learning to your past units, experiences and/or other aspects of your life.
In assessing your submission we will be looking for evidence of the 4Rs structured reflective approach of Ryan and Ryan (2013) Download Ryan and Ryan (2013) :
Reporting and responding: to working remotely / on-line issues in your MECH1400 project. What happened/occurred?
Relating: this issue or experience to your previous understanding, skills or experience; How has your thinking changed?
Reasoning: What is new? Causes and effects of this issue/experience what you now understand and/or why you think this;
Reconstructing: What will you do differently in the future? Describe looking forward your plans/new ways to approach the identified issue or how you would engage differently in similar experiences in the future.
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Discipline: Mechanical engineering

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