Assignment: Access the reading entitled, The Forgotten Man by William Graham Sum

Assignment: Access the reading entitled, The Forgotten Man by William Graham Sumner found under COURSE READINGS… and read it thoroughly… Remember for context, that Sumner was writing during the Gilded Age just prior to the turn of the 20th century in a time of great political and economic evolution. This should be an extensive and detailed review (think “mini-term-paper-like”) of the following:
For your posting, complete the following IN CLEARLY NUMBERED SECTIONS in your posting :
1. Mention the article and the author as you introduce the discussion. Explain in your own words what the author was conveying to the reader (in other words, write a brief summary of the article–including the purpose and goals of writing it–two or three paragraphs that explain the main idea[s].) Be sure to mention and analyze any empirical findings discussed in the selection.
2. List and explain FIVE excerpts/quotes/positions of Sumner that surprised or interested you and why. What did you learn and/or find intriguing about what was written? What is Sumner trying to covey to the individual and what is his main warning to society? Would you say Sumner has tendencies of a political libertarian?
3. Did you agree (or disagree) with any of the points made? Elaborate and critically discuss each.
4. Was the article compelling or convincing to you? Did it change in any way your personal ideas about how society should function? Discuss any supporting historical or empirical evidence presented.
5. After reading the article, what do you believe the future of Western societies (or just American society) is, given the issues and concerns mentioned in the article and why? Based on what you read, how should socially-responsible people live their lives toward the betterment and/or continuance of our society going forward? What should each individual citizen do behaviorally to demonstrate personal responsibility that may then collectively contribute to a better social future than the threatened one described in the article? Include any other comments or observations to conclude.

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