Milestones in Language and Literacy Chart
As a teacher, it is crucial to know the milestones for language and literacy based on the age and developmental level of students in order to know how to differentiate and accommodate students’ needs. Part 1: Milestones in Language and Literacy Chart Research the specific milestones related to the elementary grade K-8 state English Language Arts standards for the following areas of literacy: • Language development • Reading development • Writing • Listening • Speaking • Presenting Using your research, complete the “Milestones in Language and Literacy” template, which will serve as a resource for the remaining assignments and field experiences within this course. Support your findings with a minimum of three scholarly resources. Part 2: Language and Literacy Reflection Using the “Milestones in Language and Literacy” template, summarize and reflect upon the factors affecting language development and emergent literacy in 250-500 words. Within your reflection, describe: • The importance of building on students’ current language skills to promote language. • The effect of language and literacy development on language acquisition. • How you will use your findings in your future professional practice. Support your findings with two scholarly resources. "Please use 275 words for part 2 and the remaining amount for part 1" I will be uploading another file later today as soon as I go through them

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