Managerial Accounting
This is my Managerial Accounting Exam. It is a 3-hour exam, so I will need you to start by 3 am eastern time and be done by 6 am eastern time. It is very important that it is done in this timeframe or I will fail. There is no page limit, it is just the exam that needs to be made. I just need above 65% correct. It is these things the course are covering: Class 1: Managerial Accounting Class 2: Job Order Costing Class 3: Process Costing Class 4: Activity-Based Costing Class 5: Cost-Volume-Profit Class 6: Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis: Additional Issues Class 7: Incremental Analysis Class 8: Pricing Class 9: Budgetary Planning Class 10: Budgetary Control and Responsibility Accounting Class 11: Standard Costs and Balanced Scorecard I hope you will be able to help! Best regards, Preben

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