Internship Report
PLEASE LOOK AT ALL ATTACHED DOCS THEY ARE VERY IMPORTANT ALL INFO IS THERE ESPECIALLY FINAL PRESENTATION NOTES. Internship Report (min 2500 words). Due at end of internship. • At the end of your internship you are required to complete a report about your internship. This is a very important part of your internship because you will be assessed on whether or not you have successfully learned the lessons of work. • The suggested outline for your Internship Report is as follows: o Introduction (1/2 page), o Company profile (1/2 page), o Job description and work plan (1 page), o Internship objectives (1 – 2 pages), o Accomplishments (2 – 4 pages), o Lessons learnt (1 – 3 pages), o Conclusion (1 page). • Please summarize your work experiences. Do not include your Fortnightly Status Reports. • This is a formal report so professional writing standards are required (e.g. grammar and spelling must be correct). The Report must be concise and focused. • Your Internship Faculty Supervisor will read your Internship Report and compare it to your work plan to see if you achieved what you intended to achieve in your internship.

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