Innovation, Corporate Finance, Business Ethics.
On August I am gonna need someone to help me complete my re-exams. They are 6 courses in International Business; International Economics, Macroeconomics, Cross Cultural Project Management (CCPM), Innovation, Corporate Finance, Business Ethics. They are all in different dates except CCPM and Macroeconomics, where you will have to finish CCPM first since the exam is 40 min of 20 MCQ (And that's where I need you to perform the best). I will upload a google drive with all the details, past papers and the course literature that will be needed for most exams to reference from (some of them require a little bit of external references.) Most importantly, I will need you to be very attentive and quick to reply to any messages in order for this to work. For example, in CCPM we have 40 min I will send you screenshots of the questions and you have to send back the answer very fast so I can input them at the exam software. Can you take on this, please be reasonable :))

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