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This paper is based off the previous annotated bibliography completed on maya angelou. The Research Paper will be an in-depth analysis and critique of any one of the works of literature read for this class this semester and found in the textbook. The best papers will offer an interesting, fresh critical perspective on one or more specific aspect of a work we read this semester. It is essential to focus your analysis with a stated academic thesis. Offer your opinion then prove it by supporting your idea with literary criticism. A list of works will be provided. Students must select a work from the list below. Students will conduct research on this work and use at least four (4) outside sources in the paper. Students will complete an annotated bibliorgaphy. At least two (2) of the sources must come from the Harford Community College Library databases. The paper must be at least 6 full pages in length (double spaced), not including the Work Cited Page. Papers should not have a cover sheet, but should be formatted in MLA style, including accurate in-text and Works Cited citations. This assignment is asking your to put together a larger paper that includes multiple academic sources plus the primary source literature. Don't panic: with the skills you're already developing from this class the paper shouldn't be a problem if you manage time effectively, plan ahead, and ask for help when you need it. Some possible topics on which to focus are as follows: • Is symbolism important in the work? What theme does it support? • Is one theme particularly important? How is it conveyed? • Does the work contain a conflict (or more than one conflict) that makes an important point to the reader? • Is there a particularly interesting character? What does he/she represent, teach, or convey to the reader? Please note that these are merely possible topics! You do not have to select one of the topics above. That's why you're writing a proposal. It will help you to refine your topic before you actually have to write the paper. The essay must be focused on proving your view of the literature. Students often wonder how they should arrange the information they find. The research paper may follow this format. Provide an introduction that gives the title and author of the work. It will also provide a BRIEF summary of the novel or play, brief summaries of the short stories that are discussed in the paper, or descriptions of the poems discussed in the paper. Next, you will explain the focus of your paper. (See above for some examples.) Next, discuss the critics' ideas about the work. They may or may not agree with each other, and that's fine. Then make your own comments either supporting the critics' ideas or disagreeing with them. Hint: Do NOT provide all of the information from one critic, then all of the information from another critic, then all of the information from a third critic, etc. Instead, discuss all of the critics' ideas about one part of your topic. Then discuss all of the critics' ideas about another part of your topic, and so on.

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