“The comparative perception of the both genders with regards to gender equality in the workplace.
My paper is about “The comparative perception of the both genders with regards to gender equality in the workplace.” This paper needs to be specific to india and the typical indian work places. - THE INTRODUCTION NEEDS TO BE A 1000 WORDS. - THE LITERATURE REVIEW NEEDS TO BE 1400 WORDS - THE RESEARCH METHODOLOGY NEEDS TO BE 800-1100 WORDS - THE PAPER NEEDS TO BE 3600 WORDS IN TOTAL. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THE CONCLUSION ETC. what i need are listed below: - An introduction to your research explaining, in a compact and precise fashion, the nature of your research (scope), the aims and objectives of your research, what interests you about this particular research area, the general background to your research idea, the research question(s) that your research intends to answer, why your research is needed in the context of your chosen business environment/area? - A brief synthesis of the literature (literature review) on your chosen topic using wide range of sources. - Research methodology and research methods - How your research will be done, ensuring that you discuss both methodologies and methods for your research. - PLEASE NOTE, RESEARCH CAN ONLY BE DONE USING ACADEMIC SOURCES AND PEER REVIEWED JOURNALS . YOU CANNOT USE ARTICLES FOR THE MAJORITY OF THIS RESEARCH. - PLEASE NOTE, I WILL ATTACH THE INTERVIEWS / RESEARCH CONDUCTED TO THIS ASSIGNMENT. BASE ARGUMENTS ON THE SURVEYS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE AND ADD REFERENCES - my research will be done using brief interviews conducted with people from different income levels. - i will speak to high and low income people in order to find gender disparities in professional work places, and how that affects each person’s attitude and aspirations, regarding their work. - these interviews will be conducted with 4 (2 male, 2 female) people from low income groups and 4 (2 male, 2 female) from high income groups - the questions asked during survey includes: - Name and age: - what is your current occupation? - what is your yearly income, approximately? - how long have you been working at your current job? - do you find your work place rewarding? why? (e.g.: chance to grow, work benefits etc.) - do you see yourself working in this current position in the next 5 years? - what are your professional goals and how do you think you will achieve them? - do you think your current work position will allow you to reach your goals? - how likely are you to be rewarded by your superiors for a job well done? - do you think your colleagues treat you as an equal regardless of your gender? - do you feel your opportunities are limited due to your gender? - do you think gender inequality exists in professional setting still exists today? If so, how do you think businesses should combat the issue of gender discrimination in the work place. - Ethical considerations – possible issues or concerns or dilemmas that may arise before, during and post research phase - possible issues that may arise during my research process is obtaining inaccurate information during interviews due to mental constraints or other personal reasons. - Resources that you may need to carry out your research - MENTION SURVEYS CONDUCTED - The time frame and likely outcomes - Reference list

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