Select one of the mnemonics presented in the Unit 5 articles
Initial Discussion Question/Prompt Instructions: Select one of the mnemonics presented in the Unit 5 articles, or one you locate on your own, and construct a spiritual assessment on one of the patients that you encountered last week and create a 'Subjective' data set for the patient. Construct a discussion of your spiritual assessment findings and how you or the patient perceive they may impact the patient’s health care choices. Outline a 'Plan' with interventions you would implement to support identified spiritual strengths or address/support spiritual challenges for your patient. Include citations for each of the resources that you used to support those elements of your Plan. PLEASE USE UPDATED REFERENCE IM PROVIDED ONE THAT WAS GIVEN BY INSTRUCTOR. ALSO IM COMPANY AND PASTE EXAMPLE PLEASE USE FORMAT. Often, we find a dividing line between medicine and spirituality. And then comes the potential blurred lines between spirituality and religion. Here is a link to a 2014 article to provides 3 models by which we can view these phenomena. It is an interesting read - deep but interesting. PLEASE MAKE UP A PATIENT 59 YR AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE THATS CATHOLIC SEE ATTACHMENT FORMAT

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