Integrative Theory Approach in Social Work.
Please read the guidelines for the Theory Paper- EXTENSIVELY. This is my final Term Paper and I need to be ensured all guidelines are followed. Please use all the sources that are attached below. You will be writing 2 pages of the Integrative Theory Approach in Social Work. Home Base Theory Section- 4 Pages- Please read all instructions on this section. You will be writing about The Family Systems Theory and how this theory will help do my job as a social worker. Write about: -Overview of the Theory Strengths and Weaknesses of the Theory Explain how the Theory addresses the following: - How human change occurs - An understanding of the role of culture, society, and other client environmental elements -Identify one Practice Model that is related to this theory (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) - Discuss how you see evidence of this theory in the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Psychopathology: You will be writing about Depression and CBT. Please follow the guidelines for this section under Psychopathology- Important Components. It is VERY important that all sources are cited in the paper and a reference page. Please READ the ENTIRE GUIDELINES before you write this paper.

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