I need to write a report on how to improve the quality of certain processes forU.S Navy
I need to write a report on how to improve the quality of certain processes for the U.S Navy. The topic assigned to me is how the Navy utilizes a lot of databases for information which can be troublesome but if they were to consolidate into one or fewer databases it will make processes a lot easier. Overall it has to focus on "QUALITY" for this assignment. Below are the assignment expectations. The Quality Improvement Report will highlight the research and findings of research, as well as original insight, interpretation, and analysis. The Quality Improvement Report should contain an Introduction, Body, and Conclusions and be organized into paragraphs developing a single topic. It must be 750 to 1000 words in length, completed in APA style in Microsoft Word, and be submitted in a .DOC/DOCX file format. Your paper must be formatted using double-spaced, 1- inch margins, and font consistent with APA guidelines. Be sure to use the most current edition of APA format for your papers, citations in the text, and a reference list. It must cite at least five references, with all sources properly documented (including properly citing textbook references if used). College textbooks and pop websites such as Wikipedia are not appropriate sources. It must also contain at least one reference from a peer-reviewed journal article. Your Report should utilize proper grammar, punctuation, correct spelling, and other aspects of correct composition should be maintained.

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