Crisis Intervention
Crisis Intervention Final Exam Chapter 6 – Crises of Loss. 1. Briefly explain the five stages of death and dying. 2. Explain the four tasks a person needs to complete to grieve a loss fully. Chapter 7 – Trauma and PTSD. 3. Explain the five symptoms of PTSD. 4. Explain the interventions that are effective in treating PTSD. 5. Explain secondary traumatization. 6. Explain the four phases of community disaster. Chapter 8 – Crises to Military Service. 7. Explain Military Sexual Trauma. 8. Explain the effects of Traumatic Brain Injury. 9. Briefly explain “Invisible Wounds.” Chapter 9 – Personal Trauma. 10. Briefly explain the “Empowerment Model of Sexual Assault Survivors. 11. Explain how patterns battering husbands used to maintain power and control.

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