nature of education in the U.S
1. What are Kozol's main arguments concerning the nature of education in the U.S? Additionally, you must provide a summary of ALL three videos. (10 points) 2. (Regarding Kozol & video C) Race or Class, which variable has the greatest impact in terms of determining the type of education an individual will receive, explain? Be sure to support your essay with evidence (10 points) A. Many individuals identify the idea of producing a "culturally competent curriculum" as key in determining how well students perform in school. In simple terms, "cultural competence" defines an academic curriculum that speaks to, and integrates, the lived experiences of the student body into a comprehensive, logical, pedagogy that allows students to see themselves, their own worldview, and cultural knowledge, as an important part of the academic experience. Some individuals have even gone as far as to state that cultural competence can only be achieved through segregation (Black men teaching Black boys, Christian Women teaching Christian girls, etc.). Some research has indicated that schools created for a specific, segregated population are actually more successful than those where all groups can attend. 1. What is your own analysis of the importance of cultural competency in terms of education, explain? Is segregation along the lines of race, religion, sex, etc., a logical pathway to the creation of successful schools? Explain why or why not (provide evidence)? Please note that you must support your entire essay with academic sources. Your opinion, while fine, needs to be supported with evidence. (15 points) Video A talked about the ideas of cultural incapacity and cultural blindness. Critical theorists suggest that schools perpetuate cultural violence against students that are not members of the dominant group (race, sex, religion, etc.). Video B (children talked about segregation) illustrates how aware children are of racial differences (and what those differences mean in society). 2. Should segregated schools be used to end the cultural violence some students are forced to endure? Explain? As video C suggests, schools are already segregated... if they deliberately worked to embrace culturally competent teaching methods, taught by people of the same race, sex, religion, etc., of the student body, might this be a way of ending the cultural violence some students endure in schools? Why/why not, explain? What does it mean for children to learn about the importance of Columbus Day, for example, if they are members of the groups that Columbus caused unjust harm to befall? How might this make a child view their own sense of security, importance, and value (Looking Glass Self), for example, explain? Would intentionally segregating schools with segregated teachers help to eliminate this issue/produce successful schools (15 points)? Again, you are to create an essay in support of (or against segregated schools). Be sure to use the information provided. You are to specifically address the videos, lecture materials, and required reading. The questions ask you about the production of a successful school and eliminating cultural violence, be sure to address these issues. **** these are the links to the videos provided

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