create a story and then set it to “music”
Writing your own Story Part 2 You are going to create a story and then set it to “music”. (I use quotes because you are not going to write the actual notes.) You will be creating a story and then suggesting instruments that might play your characters, set the scene and further the plot. First the story: Qualities of a great story: 1. Great characters 2. Conflict 3. Tension and resolution 4. Challenges and obstacles to overcome 5. Mystery 6. A good story has a beginning, middle and end – don’t let the middle get mushy 7. You need about 3 pages, double spaced. 8. It can be personal, fantasy, outrageous, villainous, a love story….anything appropriate for an academic paper. Now start your story. This will take some time. Here are the steps to writing a great story: 1. Write down your leading characters and describe each one 2. Think about the relationships of your leading characters – good or bad 3. Think about an idea involving several people and/or groups of people 4. Work on where it takes place 5. Rough out your plot 6. Build your story using the Qualities above 7. Put it all into paragraphs and be as detailed as you can – typed (Word, Times New Roman 12,double spaced) Continue your story and when finished writing – move to Part 3, below. Finishing Your Own Musical Story, Part 3 Listen to: Instruments of the orchestra for ideas about characters and instruments that you would use. Take your story and add instruments for the setting, and a solo or group of instruments for each of your characters. Use terms like forte and piano (and all) for intensity, accents for a purpose, rubato, and anything that would tell the listener your story and define who your characters are. Finished stories with instruments and markings due by class time

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